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2022 Youth Writing Contest Awards

06/01/2022| ECW

Emerald Coast Writers (ECW) honored student winners from its 2022 youth writing contest, themed “A New World,” on May 15 at 2 p.m. The ceremony occurred at Books-A-Million in Pensacola. Twenty-one winners were chosen from nearly 100 entries. Young writers were invited to read their winning pieces, and each received a certificate and prize. Teachers and parents of students, along with ECW members, attended to applaud and remark on student poems.

Each year, Emerald Coast Writers offers a student writing contest and partners with Escambia and Santa Rosa County teachers to promote creativity and student writing. ECW looks forward to continued partnership with local students, teachers, faculty and staff to foster youth writing.

Student Winners for 2022

Lower Elementary (K-3rd)
1st: Bronwyn Roach, 2nd grade (homeschooled) Fiction, “Fire and Water” 
2nd: Matthew Hill, 3rd grade (Creative Learning Academy)  Poetry, “A Very Bright Future”
3rd: Rex Geisler, Kindergarten (Creative Learning Academy) Poetry, “Flying Cars”/ Henry De Jesus (Creative Learning Academy) Poetry, “Different”

Upper Elementary (4th-5th)
1st: Davis Roach, 5th grade (homeschooled) Fiction, “Tales of Chodowsia”
2nd: Elaina Kenshalo, 4th grade (Cornerstone Cottage Academics) Fiction, “A Pretty Lucky Kid”
3rd: Emma Bellinger, 5th grade (Holley Navarre Intermediate) Fiction, “Adventure Awaits in the Depths of Space”

Honorable Mentions:
Brady Ley, 5th grade (Episcopal Day School) Fiction, “A Fight for Peace”
Madylin Madril, 4th grade (Molino Park Elementary) Poetry, “A Whole New World”

Middle School

1st: Julie Mayo, 8th grade (Ransom Middle School) “Night Sky”
2nd: Terra Sprung, 8th grade (Ransom Middle School) “Musical Landscape”
3rd: Sophia Stoker, 7th grade (Bailey Middle School) “New World”

1st: Hannah Leonard, 7th grade (Bailey Middle School) “Dreaming of a New World”
2nd: Branigan Roach, 6th grade (homeschooled) “Eyes Chosen”
3rd: Delilah Ayers, 8th grade (Bailey Middle School) “My Dark Day”

Honorable Mentions:
Kayleigh Young, 8th grade (Ernest Ward Middle School) Fiction, “Out of the Woods”
Madison Forte, 8th grade (Ransom Middle School) Poetry, “The Kitchen”
Avril Clark, 8th grade (Gulf Breeze Middle School) Poetry, “Sad Truth of a Human in Today’s World”

High School
1st: Ezra Baker, 12th grade (Pensacola High School) Fiction, “The Traveler”
2nd: Ashlyn Arnold, (Gulf Breeze High School) Fiction, “Freedom is Not the Same for Everyone”
3rd: Mia Zareck, 12th grade (West Florida High School) Poetry, “Beach Spirit”

Honorable Mentions:
Andrew Spears, 11th grade (West Florida High School) Fiction, “Mabon”
Shelby Enfinger, 9th grade (Milton High School) Poetry, “A World Without Her”

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