The Spill Detail



Mary Ann Napoleone

“I stood by truth to establish light in the land.”  NERUDA

I stand here speaking

one lone truth.

Politicos, profiteers

get drunk, stoned, laid

celebrating partnership.

Energy policy lifts into law

protecting polluters

amassing billions as they drill

fill an endless list of wants

crayons to cameras, curtains

bandages to boats, deodorant, detergents

lipstick, limousines, loudspeakers.

We stand amid shards

of splintered dreams

slivered hearts

lament emerald water

sparkling sand

salted with our tears

oiled with greed

relentless need for gasoline

plastic bags, golf balls, perfume

credit cards, sunglasses and skis.

Truth is hard, simple, pure.

Convenience is easy, complicated

corrupt as our blackened coast

the kindred politicos and profiteers

who foul our world.

As a newcomer to the Emerald Coast, Mary Ann Napoleone enjoys belonging to the West Florida Literary Federation.  She has conducted creative writing workshops for many years, taught at the Ohio State University, the University of Toledo and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.  Along with joy and love, anger inspires her poetry.  The BP atrocity provides that impetus.

The Spill

In 2010, when the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill exploded and threatened the way of life that Gulf Coast residents know and love, West Florida Literary Federation offered an outlet for expression. During the six months when the uncapped well gushed, and for one year following the successful capping of the well, writers, poets and photographers from across the country sent us their words, thoughts and feelings, thereby providing a literary record of the Deep Water Horizon environmental disaster. Here are the best of the submissions.

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