The Spill Detail

Four Haiku

Four Haiku

Cathy Ncube

Months of Spilling
April rained petrol
May brought tar balls and oil sheens
June spewed oily heat

Oily Demise
Oil harmed gulf waters
Scared, battered sea creatures fled
To slick shoreline deaths

Oil Spoiled, Fall Waits
Spring days were pleasing
Oil spoiled them and summer weeks
Fall waits for spill news

School, Summer Blues, School
Oil spilled, schools closed soon
Summer Blues, burns, booms, berms, blimps
Well killed, school bells rings

Cathy Ncube lives in Pensacola, FL.  She has worked as computer software programmer/analyst, visiting professor and assistant professor in computer science.  She is married and has three grown children.

The Spill

In 2010, when the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill exploded and threatened the way of life that Gulf Coast residents know and love, West Florida Literary Federation offered an outlet for expression. During the six months when the uncapped well gushed, and for one year following the successful capping of the well, writers, poets and photographers from across the country sent us their words, thoughts and feelings, thereby providing a literary record of the Deep Water Horizon environmental disaster. Here are the best of the submissions.

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