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Charlie Davis graduated from Florida State University with a major in Insurance and Real Estate.  He is retired from careers in Insurance, Real Estate and Residential Construction.  He devotes full time to his new writing career and recently completed his fourth book, “Hyer’s Point,” a World War II era novel.  He is the father of four grown children, Grandpa to nine grandchildren and Great Grandpa seven great grandchildren, all wonderful people.  Charlie and his wife, Sandra, also a published author, live in Gulf Breeze, Florida.
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Excerpt : Growing Up in Pensacola, Book I & Book II

Johnson knew he could get his ass blown off in Korea, but that was a risk his government was willing to take.  The story begins in 1952 when the three U. S. Navy Dental Technicians were assigned to the U. S. Marine Corps at Parris Island, S.C.  The three were unlikely friends: Johnson, a self-professed “Redneck,” and Dubeau, a proud Cajun, were white and from the South.  Carter was black and from the North. They learned they would not be going to Korea but would remain at Parris Island . . . “til this damn war’s over,” said the Chief.
     They were bored, but life got better when Johnson won a classic 1939 Packard in a raffle, and they spend their off-duty hours in the nearby towns and the Lowcountry Sea Islands for beach parties and fishing.  Segregation crates problems for Carter, who falls in love with Maria, a beautiful young lady from the Gullah Community on St. Helena Island.
   They Also Serve is the story of broken hearts, tragedies, fallen comrades and hurricanes, but told with optimism in the vernacular of young men who serve their country well in time of war and “cuss” just for the hell of it.

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