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Ethan McGuire works by day as a healthcare information technology professional and by night as a writer, whose poetry, fiction, and essays have appeared in Better than Starbucks, The Dark Sire, Dirigible Balloon, The Dispatch, Emerald Coast Review, New Verse News, Poetry Pea, the South Wales Evening Post, and Vita Brevis, among others. His debut poetry collection, Apocalypse Dance, releases in the Fall of 2022 through BSC Publishing. Ethan McGuire grew up in the Missouri Ozarks, but, eleven years ago, he moved to the Florida Panhandle, where he currently lives with his wife and their new daughter near the Gulf of Mexico. Ethan’s wife is a nurse and an educator, and both he and she enjoy interacting with the community through healthcare. When he is not working in IT or writing and reading, Ethan loves to spend time with his family, frequent the areas beaches and parks, and play bluegrass, country, and folk music with his brother. Ethan is a proud member of the Emerald Coast Writers, IT Gulf Coast, and The Poetry Pub. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and English. You can find Ethan at and on Twitter as @AHeavyMetalPen.

Published books include:

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Excerpt :

Hurricane Sally Aftermath Originally published in the 21st volume of the Emerald Coast Review

Billboards with canvases ripped up and dangling—
pine trees snapped at their centers like toothpicks—
power lines straining under magnolias—
traffic signs, jagged, torn centers like paper—
men dotting rooftops and stretching blue tarps—
a semi in the ditch, on its back like a turtle—
a three-mile bridge collapsed in the center—
    driving down the interstate, bare,
on our way to the marina, after the hurricane.

A church with its steeple bent over and broken—
street saplings bowing toward cars on the road—
ancient oak canopies blocking park pathways—
jon boats and pontoons, on streets, resting, inland—
American flags, halved, at their poles flapping—
new paint chips stripped from the sides of old houses—
conquistadors, bronze, fallen in fountains—
    navigating cars stalled downtown,
on our way to the marina, after the hurricane.

Barges washed up and squatting by condos—
piers’ timber supports holding up nothing—
wooden docks, wayward, strewn about, splintered—
two white yachts resting on wedding lawn venues—
the mast of a sailboat impaling an office—
black petrol water washed through a bank’s lobby—
odd tombstones of boat’s bows lining lagoons—
    traversing the mournful wreckage
of an abandoned marina, after the hurricane.

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