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Autry Dye

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Autry Dye



I am both a visual artist and a writer, Many years ago I was introduced to your organization by member, B.J. Miller. She had read a short story I had written for another group and wanted to publish it in your newsletter, which she did.

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In sleep at night, strange things I see among the moon and stars.
Snowcapped mountains, dark valleys, a paper crane appears.
I drift over toy villages, set free fire flies from a jar.
REM is my tour guide for this brief trip, till dawn creeps near my door.
The crane with me upon its wings soar thru a comets tail.
Colors once I thought I’d never see, I beckon now for more.
I question not what’s possible, for here there is no measure.
Weightlessly I float in this sweet dream.
It all seems at my leisure
Far away a bell softly chimes.
Foggy from sleep I rise.
The crane and I will surely meet some other, sleepy time.

By Autry Dye

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