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Lori O’Gara is a writer of contemporary fiction, fantasy, and real-life commentary. She is an advocate of human decency, believes that magic is real and love is a gift from the Divine. Lori is happiest with her feet in the sugar white sand on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. When not at the beach, writing or reading, she can be found wandering the stacks in her library, watching Doctor Who or spending time with her family. A large blended family that consists of six children, seven grandchildren and one dog named Harley Quinn.

Published books include:

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Excerpt : We Will Get There

“Ah, Starlight Lake.” Krystal nodded.
“Well, I did not know that it has a name, but that sure fits the place. It was just starting to get dark as I parked the cart and walked out on the pier. I had that ‘hair rising on the neck’ feeling that I was not alone, so I decided to go. As I turned to walk back to shore, I felt heat behind me like someone had turned a huge heat lamp on my back. I turned, prepared to shield my eyes, but even though it was bright I could look at it without difficulty.
“There in the middle of the light was a Native American woman standing at the end of the pier, facing me and smiling. She had beautiful, long black hair and some sort of traditional dress on with beads and feathers. She was exquisite, Krystal, divine like no person I have ever seen. She didn’t speak but she spread her arms in a welcoming way.” William demonstrated, lifting his arms. “Then she fell back into the water and disappeared into the light. There was no ripple or splash; she was just gone.”
“You saw the woman of the lake,” Krystal explained. “That is considered good luck, William. I have wanted my whole life to see her, but she never shows herself to me.”
“Something spoke to me. I heard it in my ears but in my spirit, too. The voice said that God was in everything; the lake, the sand, the plants, and the waves, in the magic, in all of nature. This is His land. I can’t put it into words; it just felt right.” William wiped his eyes and smiled at Krystal. “It is magic here.”
He reached out to hold Krystal ’s hands. “Krystal, you feel the magic and I think I had a small taste as to what you experience. I am amazed at the sight of you. I miss you when we are apart and I can’t see living another day without you in my life. I want you in my family and, yes, I want you in my bed. Marry me, tonight or tomorrow, but marry me fast.”
William pulled a loose ring from his shirt pocket. It was a simple one, a half-karat diamond solitaire set in yellow gold. The firelight bounced off the facets in the dark, flashing brilliantly.
Krystal looked deep into his eyes. “You don’t know the truth about me. I made you a promise to tell you everything, William Porter, and I have to keep that promise.”
“All right, Krystal. Tell me your secrets.”
“I was in love one time in my life. He was, is, my soul mate. I cannot fully commit to you, no matter how much I want to. I can’t give you something that doesn’t belong to me. He has my heart and he has had it for many years. Let’s walk and let me explain …” Krystal began to tell William her story.

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