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Dr. Sandra Lockney Davis

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Dr. Sandra Lockney Davis



Dr. Davis was a Program Director and Headquarters Librarian for the U. S. Army Special Services for eight years. Her other careers included: Library of Congress, Legislative Reference Services, editorial typist, ACS Gmbh, bilingual travel reservation assistant in Stuttgart, Germany, Real Estate Broker Associate in Ft Walton Beach, Florida and District Department Head of Learning Resources at Pensacola Junior College where she also taught Internet Research and Introduction to Education. She earned her Doctor of Educational Administration at Florida State University in 1990 and retired from the college in 2008.  She and her husband, Charlie Davis also a published author, are both retired and living the dream in NW Florida.
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Excerpt : So, What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This? Seoul to Saigon

Years later, I found out from the Special Services girls who served in CuChi after I left, that the Command built a bunker in the backyard of the hootch. It was located right outside the back door and it was so big that the carpenters built benches along the wall so the girls wouldn’t have to sit on the dirt floor.   When it was completed, the girls persuaded the communications guys to install a telephone with a cord long enough to reach into the bunker.  Whenever they had mortar attacks, the girls called their in-country friends to give them a real-time description of the action.  They also stocked their private bunker with beer, champagne and C-rations!  Wish I’d thought of that.

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