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Mary Gutierrez



Mary Gutierrez is a Latina and Indigenous writer. She has been published in numerous local and national poetry zines and magazines. She has one self-published book, "Naked in the Rain" and is currently working on two more poetry books/chapbooks for publication. She is an Environmental Scientist by profession and passion, which is often reflected in some of her writings.

Published books include:

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Excerpt : Naked in the Rain

Earth Mother (a la madre tierra) Far and away, we fly effortlessly across mountains of treetops, inhaling the sweet smell of pine as we flutter above wild, untouched streams, grateful for all that we see. Fresh, crisp air fills our lungs spilling into our bloodstream, breathing life into sleeping cells. We are content to see no others, We know we are not of them. We glide from green to blue, whitecapped waves signal our approach with swells of welcome, the saltwater pours into our flesh cleansing the sins of being human, grateful for the gift of rebirth. We soar with our brothers and sisters of the sea as they show us places unknown, delivering what it truly means to be free. We are content to see no others, We know we are not of them. We continue windborne, traveling over open earth as she spews red flames of warmth the heat does not burn yet we rise from the ashes grateful to be revitalized. We flit with the embers sparking a passion that flows between us and mother. We are content to see no others, We know we are not of them. We are grounded, earth beneath our feet, the soil and grass comfort us like a warm blanket as the wind brushes our hair with her breeze, tree roots embrace us and fill our veins with their energy, grateful to be connected and one. We sing the songs of our ancestors, the words float on air, melding with an orchestra of birds and crickets. We are content to see no others, We know we are not of them. Mary Gutierrez, March 2022

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