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The Year of the Virus

The Year of the Virus

Mary Gutierrez

The earth has a secret,
one that she is now sharing with the world.
She has the power to change our future,
She has the power to change her fate,
she has all along.

A monster of our own making has been released,
and with an instant it has altered the human species forever.
Consuming and restricting our lives,
just as we have restricted hers
with air pollution and deforestation.

Lives lost; sacrifices made,
pointing the finger everywhere but at ourselves.
Even during these times of change, it is profits over people,
it is individual rights, over human rights.

People are sleeping, afraid to wake to a new world awaiting us.

Life in the Time of Corona

Within weeks after March 11, 2020 World Health Organization’s declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic, West Florida Literary Federation offered its writers a catharsis. By April, regional writers were submitting words and images to preserve this time in history. The ongoing project began with Phase I, a special edition of The Legend published in May. It featured more than thirty juried submissions. Life in the Time of Corona continues with Phase II, updated as submissions are accepted. Here are the voices of health care workers, poets, essayists, historians, and the images of artists and photographers, documenting this time in Northwest Florida's history. The ongoing project ends with the advent of a vaccine or declaration by the World Health Organization.

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