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Chronicle of Fools

Chronicle of Fools

Ryn Holmes

Blinds raised inches from the sill reveal
legs ambling past the cuckoo’s nest,
solo jeans and shorts a-stroll
preamble to a game of chance –
absolute risk the ultimate gamble
in unpeopled silence.
The king regnant in cap and bells
tricks the crowd,
gatherers of sticks and stones.
Unburied bones
shift in twilight, drift,
to fall away.
Trust is an enormous no.
In this new age unpent
fear spreads like water,
village idiots ignore common sense,
hope for miracles, for a past returning
predictable familiarities of the gone-by.
Taunting the hungry hunter,
they fall, wait for the fever
the cough
the breathless wonder of death
the slow turn to dust
that brings a final good night.

Life in the Time of Corona

Within weeks after March 11, 2020 World Health Organization’s declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic, West Florida Literary Federation offered its writers a catharsis. By April, regional writers were submitting words and images to preserve this time in history. The ongoing project began with Phase I, a special edition of The Legend published in May. It featured more than thirty juried submissions. Life in the Time of Corona continues with Phase II, updated as submissions are accepted. Here are the voices of health care workers, poets, essayists, historians, and the images of artists and photographers, documenting this time in Northwest Florida's history. The ongoing project ends with the advent of a vaccine or declaration by the World Health Organization.

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