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Emerald Coast Review Seeks Regional Writer,
Artist Submissions for 21st Anthology

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The West Florida Literary Federation (WFLF)’s Emerald Coast Review (ECR) has published the voices of regional writers in an anthology since 1989. This year marks the 21st volume. The publication will feature quality fiction, nonfiction, poetry, contemporary, emerging, and experimental works along with the best of art, graphic design and photography from area writers and artists living along coastal Florida and Alabama. WFLF members and residents from the following counties are encouraged to submit: Escambia, Santa Rosa, Walton, Okaloosa and Bay (Florida); Mobile, Escambia and Baldwin (Alabama).

Submissions closed on April 30. Writers and artists chosen work will be notified in June.

Current WFLF member and former ECR poet contributor, Debra Stogner, said, “My poem ‘mindLess’ about battle fatigue was published in the 2019 Emerald Coast Review. It was inspired by my father who was fighting his final battle with cancer.” 

Stogner was former active-duty Army Sergeant (E-5) for six years. She is a civil service retiree and now works part-time with Veterans Services. Stogner also spent years traveling with her father’s military career. Now semi-retired she regularly participates in WFLF workshops and writers’ groups with the goal of publishing a poetry chapbook. Stogner said, “Everyone has a story to tell and words to share. Whether for pleasure, publication or record of family history, I strongly encourage people to submit to the ECR and bring unique perspective to our history, environmental landscape and shared experiences for all to enjoy.” 

ECR invites a diverse, cross-section of regional writers to share their creative voices and submit their work today. No writing experience or poetic background is required. Share your voice, enthusiasm and talents.

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The Legend

Emerald Coast Writers members publish their work and learn about other opportunities for publishing in the monthly newsletter, The Legend.
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The Spill

© Cheryl Casey Pensacola Beach before the oil spill & Oil-covered sand, June 2010. In 2010, when the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill exploded and threatened the way of life that Gulf Coast residents know and love, West Florida Literary Federation offered an outlet for expression. During the six months when the uncapped well gushed, and for one year following the successful capping of the well, writers, poets and photographers from across the country sent us their words, thoughts and feelings, thereby providing a literary record of the Deep Water Horizon environmental disaster. Here are the best of the submissions.
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